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While most fourteen-year-olds were watching the Teen Choice Awards in 2013, Skyler Caruso had more than just a front row seat. As a correspondent for Seventeen Magazine’s social media, she soaked up the Los Angeles sun on the red carpet while interviewing several esteemed celebrities.Skyler is a freshman Communications major from Monroe Township, New Jersey.

Her journey with Seventeen Magazine started when Skyler attended a job shadow fair at her school, which would give her the opportunity to shadow someone in career path of her choice. Since she always had an interest in magazines, Skyler contacted Seventeen Magazine and requested to spend the day with them.A few months later, at only fourteen-years-old, she landed her first gig at the 2013 Teen Choice awards as a social media correspondent. “[Seventeen Magazine] knew that I was going but, they didn’t have anyone out there to cover it, so I suggested to them ‘What if I worked the red carpet?’”

‘TEENS COVERING TEENS’—Skyler’s pitch of “teens covering teens” at—where else but—the Teen Choice Awards was met with so much enthusiasm, that Skyler found herself with the credentials and a new sense of motivation. Five years ago, the red carpet was welcome emerging celebrities from a variety of different media platforms.

Originally, she was only interested in fashion, but working with Seventeen Magazine expanded her horizons and gave her a new world to explore. She recalls the special day with a smile, “It was so cool.”The celebrities on the carpet, who were mostly teens, were very receptive to Skyler as a correspondent since she was able to effectively relate to the talent, as well as know their work first-hand. When YouTube sensations started becoming more present on the carpet, Skyler could instantly identify them faster than some reporters working for L.A. Times, People Magazine, and other publications—who sometimes even consulted with her for assistance.

“I have the experience part, but now I have to go back and do the education part.”

The “teens covering teens” pitch was extremely successful, and Skyler Caruso was a name on the rise. With social media on the rise, Seventeen Magazine continued to send Skyler to cover various events. In five years, she has gained so much exposure, and has covered events such as the Teen Choice Awards, Jingle Ball, Coachella (Indio, California), MTV's VMA Awards, New York Fashion Week shows such as Zac Posen’s, various concerts like One Direction, Billboard Hot 100 Music Fest, and most recently The Grammy Awards.

Some of the top celebrities Skyler has encountered include, but are not limited to, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Nick Jonas, Gabby Douglas, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Zendaya, Cameron Dallas, Charlie Puth, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and what she describes as, “mainly because of her brother’s devotion to sports,” Steph Curry. However, with such a big role, comes bigger responsibilities. Not everything about the job is about the glitz and glam—as some of the valuable lessons Skyler has learned are to avoid being a potential “fan girl,” and to be professional on the carpet.

Carrying the name of Seventeen Magazine on her shoulders requires being responsible, multifaceted, and a quick thinker. The importance of doing research beforehand and staying organized is extremely important as well. ‘NO STRANGER TO THE RED CARPET’—“A lot of people don’t associate that with my job. It’s a lot of hard work,” Skyler said. Representing such a major publication entails posting relevant information on time, without errors, and with the best content suited for the audience. Her preparation also includes formulating questions and researching facts such as who is nominated, who is going to be there, or who came out with a new album or song. She stands next to people, who do what she is just gaining exposure to, who work at this for a living—adding another required layer of professionalism.


























Skyler Caruso is a freshman communications major who was only 14 when she appeared on the Red Carpet for the first time at the Teen's Choice Awards. As a social media correspondent for Seventeen Magazine, she has already interviewed celebrities at several well-known events, including The Grammy Awards. Throughout the years, Skyler has learned what is really means to be a correspondent on the Red Carpet. Now, Skyler is taking a world of experiences back to the classroom, with plans to do big things. 

Throughout the years, Skyler has become no stranger to the red carpet, and she continues to shine in her happy place.Aside of the celebrities that Skyler meets on the carpet, her dream interview would include Ellen DeGeneres. “I would love to interview Ellen, she’s always been an inspiration for me. She always just knows the people she’s interviewing since she knows their stuff.”  

Skyler hopes to one day work in media, whether it be in front of the camera or behind the scenes in writing, producing, or public relations. A current freshman, she looks forward to studying all areas of this field in order to get a better idea of what her interests me most. “I have the experience part, but now I have to go back and do the education part.”During free time back at home, Skyler loves spending her days at the beach. She can be found surfing almost every day down by the shore and swimming. She also loves going to New York City, and could people watch in a coffee shop for hours.

Her mother is an entertainment publicist and her dad is a cartoonist, who is known for re-drawing beloved characters such as “Popeye” and “Betty Boop,” and he even illustrated a book with Bruce Springsteen. Growing up with both of her parents in the entertainment industry played a massive role in her life, as they taught her to “always think outside the box, and to always be creative.” Skyler also appreciates her twin brother, Noah. “Skyler has always been dexterous and creative, she could tie her shoes by the age of 3,” chuckled Laurie Caruso, Skyler’s mother. “She was always the kid that was into coloring and crafting. The other kids would be sculpting snowmen out of play-doh, but Skyler was already sculpting dresses.”

In high school, Skyler was a natural leader. In her four years, she experienced numerous extra curricular activities such as Student Government, Peer Leadership, performing arts productions, and anything that let her share her outgoing, friendly, and helpful personality with others. Her personality also shined when she worked at the The Grammy Awards, a few years later. The Grammy Awards were especially an “all time favorite” for Skyler, as it “tested everything that [she] learned. It was a big ‘I made it’ moment,” Skyler says. She secured her spot on the red carpet that night from all of the hard work she had put in previous years with Seventeen Magazine. The publication wanted Skyler to continue succeeding in asking the most sought after celebrities powerful questions—so she truly embraced Seventeen Magazine’s demographic and delivered exactly what they wanted to see.  

Her mother recalls, “When I pick Skyler up from the train station, she would be wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, and Marist baseball hat, and then she’s changing into a gala outfit in the car. Other times, she is preparing for award shows—while also studying for a test for her classes at Marist.” Skyler’s mother shows nothing less than complete admiration for her daughter. “The [Seventeen Magazine] opportunity came up and she fell right into it. She was a natural on the carpet; connecting with the actual celebrities. Skyler was very professional from a very early age.” Her mother actually had to attend some of Skyler’s first gigs while she was younger, and witnessed her daughter’s professionalism skills, first-hand.

At Marist, Skyler is an active member of Marist College Television, MCTV, a student-run organization that focuses on producing a variety of shows. “I like to take my professional experience and tie it in here,” Skyler said. She discovered the club at the Activities Fair and wanted to get involved right away.“[Skyler] immediately fell in love with Marist and the vibe on campus. Skyler knew the second she stepped on campus that it was for her,” her mother said.Five years ago, Skyler started the adventure of a lifetime. Today, she has more experience under her belt than the average college freshman, but that won’t stop her from growing to her full potential.

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