We are honored to introduce the 2018’s series of  For The Record, an initiative that highlights everyday Marist students with inspiring and compelling stories. In the past 11 months, our team asked students, families, friends, professors, and supporters to share some of these inspiring and untold stories with rest of the Marist College community on campus and abroad. With For The Record, we hope to lay a foundation that will continue to pursue a culture of fellowship started by the Marist Brothers when they moved to the Mid-Hudson Valley in 1905— a way of life that is founded on celebrating different cultures, ideas, and is welcoming to students from all walks of life.

Our goal was to reaffirm the Marist College value of a sense of community. For The Record is a celebration of the progress and aspirations of the Marist student body. It is a creative features project at the intersection of photography, design, and literature—whose goal is to share everyday student stories in a creative way. In the 77 years since its inception, the student newspaper the Marist Circle, continues its commitment to be a voice for all students. This is a celebration dedicated to those who continue to inspire us to break barriers and push boundaries.

A special thanks to the former Marist Circle Editor-in-Chief, Bernadette Hogan ’17 whose work was dedicated to inspiring us all. We thank Joseph Kopp ’18 and Moira Margolis ‘18 for supporting our goal of creating a collaborative environment: where we brought students from different backgrounds to work together. We extend our gratitude to all The Marist Circle Initiatives team. For their counsel and relentless support; we thank Brian Apfel, Robert Lynch, Kent Rinehart, Rebecca Sellmeyer, Archie Chambers, Deirdre Marsh, Daniel Clark at Prime Print Shop, Starbucks, Sodexo, President David Yellen, President Emeritus Dennis Murray and the rest of the Marist College community on campus and abroad.


Thank you,

Goodman Lepota ‘18

Executive Director


Tara Guaimano ‘20

Editorial Director

Chun-Li ‘Ken’ Huang ‘20

Creative Director


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