To Those Who Inspire Us To Push Boundaries


For the past seven months, my team and I have been working on this project titled “For the Record.” As Editor in Chief of the Marist Circle, I introduce this initiative along with my team to the Marist community. Our desire is to present the unique talents of the student body by sharing the stories of some, to inspire all. Our aim was to include as many different stories as we can, so as to personalize what it truly means to be a part of this unique circle.

This project began when our Creative Director, Goodman Lepota ' 18, came to me with an idea about getting better acquainted with people on campus. He was intrigued by interesting initiatives and projects other students were getting involved in. Thus, we embarked on a quest to find and share some of these stories on campus. The idea for this project began with the ambitious desire to inspire the entire Marist community, on campus and around the world.

The title is taken from a story written in 1977 by then Editor-in- Chief Daniel Dromm entitled “For the Record, It’s The Circle.” The article detailed a time when the newspaper sought to revive its connection to the student body. Yes we are Marist students, yes we are part of a community and yes we need to remember that those around us will inevitably impact our future. I want to thank the staff at The Marist Circle and gratefully acknowledge the help of Alena BergmannLauren PowellNick Baratta, Ed Smith, Andrea Stanton Photography, Bob Lynch, Ryan Rogers, Daniel at Prime Printing, Schmaling Glass, President David Yellen, President Emeritus Dennis Murray and all the faculty and administrators who contributed to the unveiling of this project.

God Bless America and God Bless Marist College.

Thank you, 


Bernadette Hogan '17 

Editor-in-Chief (2016-17)