Georgina Berbari

With eight different jars lined up on her countertop in New Gartland, each wrapped with recycled-looking labels with dainty logos, Georgina Berbari’s kitchen usually holds an ample supply of her favorite health food topping—peanut butter.

Georgina will test each peanut butter brand on top of her oatmeal or acai bowl creations, completing each dish with a  picture-perfect peanut butter swirl that she spins with her finger. Different companies have mailed her their sample, with hopes of being photographed as that perfect swirl—and advertised to her over 83K followers on her health and wellness Instagram page, @thelittleflowerpetal.

The page features plant-based food photography, yoga photos and general lifestyle advice as told through a grid of bright, earthy photos. Each photo documents either her creative          recipes or mind and body progression through her yoga practice, and is shared with tens of thousands of yogis and health food followers.

Her Instagram  overflows with intricate oatmeal recipes, topped with fresh fruit, nuts, and other eye-pleasing embellishments. “I always top it with peanut butter, and people always comment on the way I swirl my peanut butter,” she said, referring to the dozens of comments each photo with peanut butter in it receives, with followers tagging their friends and digitally drooling over every photo.

Georgina is a senior pursuing a degree in communications with a concentration in journalism, as she has already began her career as a lifestyle writer for various health and wellness publications. With her recipes and food photography featured by Whole Foods’, Women’s Health Magazine, Well + Good NYC, MindBodyGreen, Spiritual Gangster, BuzzFeed Food, The Body Book, BuzzFeed Health blogs and Zeum Magazine, Georgina has successfully branded herself as both a credible lifestyle source and social media standout.

This young blogger is currently writing unpaid articles for MindBody Green, where she is able to share her yoga insight to the health community. She works hours each day on her account, as an increasing amount of companies send her their products to be advertised.

Georgina completed her first two years of college at the Fashion Institute of Technology, majoring in photography and working closely with celebrity events and press. She realized that “the fuss” of NYC was counteractive to her personal and professional progression, as she transferred to Marist after earning her Associate’s Degree in photography from FIT. While at FIT, Georgina worked as an editorial intern at Manhattan’s GUEST OF A GUEST, an online magazine covering red carpet events and general NYC lifestyle. “It helped me realize that I wanted to do journalism.”

Yoga practice helped her to relax and find internal balance while debating her professional and academic direction while living in New York City. “Going to class became the best part of my day,” she said.

Her appreciation for the beauty and flow between the mind and body is apparent within her passion for yoga and her drive for improvement in the practice. “When I first started, I hated it,” she said. “But I realized that no one is really bad at yoga; it is all in your mind.”

With initial difficulty in completing poses and finding an effective and fulfilling flow, Georgina rose from many fallen headstands and has branded herself as an incredibly successful yogi in the wellness world. “Your goal shouldn’t be to get a posture—your goal should be to improve yourself in general,” she said.

She has also earned her yoga teaching license, holding periodic classes both on campus and in her hometown in Suffolk County, Long Island.

Her following with @thelittleflowerpetal has led to vast networking connections and opportunities within the modern health community, as she was invited to NYC’s W.E.L.L. Summit convention in October 2016, featuring speakers from the wellness world, food samplings and yoga classes.

Through her increasing expertise in yoga practice and budding career in magazine journalism, she aims to convey the vitality of balance in all aspects of lifestyle. “Balance in my life took a while to find,” she admits.

With an increased knowledge and experience with self-love and intricate care for both the body and mind, Georgina will take accomplishments thus far to further educate the public regarding life balance and comfortability. “I realized that balance is being able to find what feels good to you.”

With her exponentially expanding brand, Georgina’s work thus far will rightfully extend and intersect with her post-graduation career, as led by her natural internal light and positive life outlook. “I want to make more of an impact, I don’t want to write just about food—I want to write more about wellness, body image, and just finding that place where you’re happy with yourself.”

By Tara Guaimano